Hi, I’m Tanya and I’ve got a heap of experience in all kinds of areas.  I can work almost any accounting and financial management system you can throw at me including Xero.  In addition I’ve got heaps of experience with databases, spreadsheets and word processing packages.  I’ve worked in some really big businesses and also some small (including my own business for the last 18 years – from 2-15 staff at various times).  Some of my roles have included being a Systems Analyst with development work for financial tools.

Although I did qualify as an accountant quite a long time ago (!!) I really don’t want to be an accountant as it was just not exciting enough for me.  I’m super quick and super smart and I love a challenge.  Living Business is a great place for me because I only want to work part time and I can bring my own style and work independently.  The range of work is also really rewarding as I can get upclose and personal with the businesses and people I work with and deliver real results.

I have some other rather diverse interests including being a certified Adult Educator, Dance Teacher and Fitness Instructor.  I have a fabulous family comprising one husband and two great grown up sons.

– Bachelor of Management (Waikato University) Double Major in Accounting and Marketing
– Xero Certified (2016)

Areas of Speciality