We understand all the complexities of inventory software so you don’t have to. 

Inventory scoping

Invest the time and effort to get clear on Must Haves, Want to Haves and Nice to Haves. This is the most challenging part and will ultimately determine the best choice of system for your business, or whether you need a system at all. Have options presented to you with the pro’s and con’s to make a more informed choice that also includes your other business systems, not just Inventory.

Have us support you with testing before anything gets implemented. We have seen too many installations that eventually just get abandoned and we believe this should be preventable!


For Unleashed and TradeGecko subscriptions through Living Business, lite support is complimentary.

Unleashed subscriptions managed by Living Business include complimentary lite Unleashed support – short call and email support up to 5 mins per item. Subscription rate will be as advertised by Unleashed.

Setup & maintenance

Ensure your Inventory is set up correctly the first time. Have us help you to understand the issues, and the implications of the decisions you make prior to setup.

Once your subscription is live, you can utilise our bookkeepers to work within your inventory system as well as within Xero.


Integrating inventory with other software can sometimes be a challenge as the word “Integration” can mean different things depending on the software. You can get better clarity on how it’s going to work, and what the integration will and won’t do.

Support & training

Have us deliver customised training specific to your business and learn about the features relevant to your business processes.

Access ongoing personal phone and email support to keep systems running smoothly and get quick answers when you need them.

Need to get more out of your business?

We have specialist expertise in Inventory Management