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Xero Roadshow Tauranga – November 2019 Highlight Takeaways

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Here are my “spread the word” highlights from the Xero Roadshow I recently attended here in Tauranga. I’m confident there is a good chance you will find at least one thing helpful.

Free Wellbeing Support for Xero Business Standard subscribers, their employees and families

This is for real – Xero’s mission is to make life easier for small business owners and stress is a major factor in many of our lives. After a trial of 5000, Xero has now made available In person, by telephone and on-line wellbeing support available to an estimated 850,000 New Zealanders in partnership with Benestar. This means Xero Subscribers (Starter / Business / Premium, and their employees and families). I’ve left the email as it arrived from Xero here, with all the contact information.

Help for small business to break into overseas markets

Check out if you don’t know about them already. It works, and Xero is fully supportive and is directly involved.

2019 Small Business Wellbeing Report

Check out page 3 of this report for summary stats from this survey of small business owners carried out by Xero and the Mental Health Foundation of NZ. Here’s the link to the whole report:

50% of small business failures are due to cashflow

Xero has another new tool to help. Invite your clients to pay automatically, like a direct debit but through Stripe, every month. So easy to set up, and your clients don’t have to keep entering in their details each time. Ask me more about it, and, many other ways to help cashflow. Here’s the link to get started: Get paid up to 11 days faster, and you choose who pays the Stripe fees.

Xero reported 50% still using Manual Payroll

Free yourself! Get payroll software with automatic filing – Xero Payroll and iPayroll are two good choices. Ask me how they are different, and which will work for you.

Struggling with Stripe Reconciliations

Stripe direct bank feeds are now available – ask me more. If you use Shopify or have other Stripe transactions which are not in Xero, this could be a game changer for you (along with Xero Bridge –

If you have a mess to sort out – we can help,  like we did for this client who uses Shopify.

Recording Mileage in Xero Expenses

From December, Xero Expenses will include a mileage feature. For $5 a month you can chuck out the log book. Ask me more.

Invoicing and Payroll in Xero

Xero reports that the biggest surprise when speaking directly to business owners is that they were not aware Xero offers Invoicing and Payroll. It highlighted that many Xero users may not be on the correct version of Xero to suit their business. Ask me more to check what version you are on and if it’s the right one for you.