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Seven Steps To Set Up WorkFlowMax For Your Business

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WorkflowMax is a very powerful and hugely valuable Job Management Software tool.  If you’re tech savvy, have time to learn, and are interested, you might like to try implementing it into your business yourself.  Here’s 7 Steps to guide you.


Confirm WFM is the best Job Management software fit for your business. It is unlikely you’ll get 100% of your wish list, you should get most of it, and at least the top 2-3 priorities.  (book a 1 hour free consult with us to discuss).


Review your current business processes. Review your documentation – Quotes / Invoices / Purchase Orders / Job Sheets / Schedules. What do you want to appear on these documents, and why? Review what physically happens in your business as the working process, and why? The clearer you are about how things work in your business, the easier it will be to re-create this using WorkflowMax.  Consider how information is communicated, who is responsible for what, what gets printed out and why, and what information you want to collect and why.


Accept that when you implement WorkflowMax, it will work best if you work to the software’s strengths.  This might mean challenging your own process and changing the way your business does things.


Confirm how the implementation is going to be managed: Who is going to be the Champion – the user who will know the most about WorkflowMax, have the time to learn about it, and able to lead others in the business. Confirm who needs to be involved with which parts of using WorkflowMax. A common scenario is to have 1 x Champion who does the WorkflowMax admin, invoicing and report writing, 1 x owner who needs an overview of how it works, and ability to view what’s going on as well as reports,  1 x Ops Manager who knows who’s doing what, sets up jobs, allocates work and keeps an eye on how jobs are progressing, 1 or more other staff who only need to enter their time and costs onto jobs they have been allocated to.


Open the trial (14 day trial, or 30 days if accessed through a WorkflowMax Partner). Sometimes the subscription cost can be reduced when accessed through a partner – depending on the user numbers.


Follow the order recommended in the help section of WFM –  Go to the WorkflowMax Support Centre from the home page of WorkflowMax.   Search for “Getting Started”. Then click on the three lines at top left to bring up the menu options.   Work through all the suggested steps and watch the videos.


Use the business processes you have already reviewed to test through examples in the features you are going to be using –  from Lead Management, Quoting, Purchase Orders, Job Management, Job Briefs, Invoicing and Reporting. Test through every different kind of scenario you can think of, to ensure you get the result you are expecting in all stages of the workflow. Test until you are confident to “Go Live”.


Don’t give up if it doesn’t work as expected. Get help from an experienced WorkflowMax advisor.  It is likely they can sort out issues quickly, where it might take you a lot of learning and searching time.   


Ways we can help:

1 hour complimentary consult to explore if WorkflowMax is right for your business.

Expert support from certified and experienced WorkflowMax implementation specialists.

Partner Rate Subscriptions.

give us a shout.