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We love Xero Payroll

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We love Xero Payroll

Xero has a new certification for Xero Payroll. It’s new and we have it. The certification is a broad overview to help ensure Xero payroll set-up is completed correctly. Xero Payroll is great for a lot of small businesses as long as it’s done with best practice and there are some tricks. We have a LOT of experience sorting out and fixing up payrolls that aren’t working correctly, and that’s something that is not covered in the certification!! Even better have us set up the payroll, get it right first time and start enjoying easy to use and cost effective payroll right from the start.

The three most common areas we see mistakes:

  1. Incorrect leave balances when changing from another payroll. The difference types of leave are often misunderstood and the wrong amount of leave is brought into Xero resulting in incorrect payments and liabilities.
  2. Payments to employees being incorrectly reconciled – payments should be reconciled to the relevant liability accounts, not the Wages/Salaries expense account. This cancels out the journal that is entered when the payroll is run in Xero.
  3. Trying to enter leave into timesheets. In Xero leave is entered via the leave tab and then will automatically appear on the timesheet. Only actual worked time is entered in the timesheets – logical really…