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Living Business Christmas Giving

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Although for many of us Christmas is a time of celebration, relaxation and potential over-indulgence, there are many in our community who are not afforded these luxuries and whose difficult circumstances even become worse over this period.

For that reason, Living Business will be making a Christmas donation to a local charity: the Shakti Central Ethnic Women’s Network. Shakti run a residential women’s refuge in Tauranga to support migrant women from African, Middle Eastern, and Asian origins escaping abusive relationships. As well as the usual challenges of providing a refuge, Shakti is also dealing with women who may have no English language skills, no family or other support in NZ, and are likely facing serious visa difficulties as a result of their husbands removing visa sponsorship.

This month Living Business is donating $800 to Shakti for doctor’s visits. The women are generally not eligible for normal subsidies due to their visa status, so visits to the doctor and other medical professionals are therefore charged at a full non-subsidised cost – $75-$100. Unfortunately, there is virtually no budget available for this within Shakti.

I would like to thank all our wonderful clients and referral partners for working with us. Our work with you is truly valued, and enables us to make these contributions.

Thank you,

Helen Schafer
Director of Living Business