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How to print timesheet info on WorkflowMax invoices

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There is a setting for your WorkflowMax file overall, which controls whether timesheet information just automatically gets printed onto any custom invoice template, even without putting in specific codes for Timesheets. If this is turned on, then whenever task information appears on an invoice, the timesheet information will appear as well. The setting is under Business / Settings / Organisational Settings / Invoices / Time Sheet Notes.

That’s all well and good but many businesses only want the timesheets to print for some clients, and not others. Also, they might want detailed timesheet information for some situations, and not for others. In this case, it is just not going to work to have the timesheets printing onto all invoices every time, so the default will need to be left off, and timesheet information added to individual custom invoice templates as required.

To get the timesheet information to print onto a custom invoice:

  1. Add the Time Table fields you want as a subset inside the Task Table fields. Have a look at the sample “Invoice with Timesheets” provided by WorkflowMax.
  2. When creating your custom invoice template, you also need to choose both
    a. The format you want the date to print and
    b. Select Task/Date/Staff. From the Time Sheets: dropdown box

Then in the word document that is your custom template choose the time fields that you want. E.g If you don’t want the staff name, then just leave it off the word template. This is not the only way, but it’s the way I prefer.