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Easier Decision Making with WorkflowMax

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Wouldn’t it be great to know which parts of your business are doing better and deserve investment, and which are not so flash?   WorkflowMax software can do this, and make it so much easier to make decisions on where to focus with your business, where to invest, and what needs attention.   WorkflowMax cuts across the limitation of conventional financial reporting where it can be really difficult to group together all costs and income for each segment of your business.

WorkflowMax Job Categories are the tool to use for increasing visibility on different parts of your business.   A lot of businesses have between 2-5 “segments” of activity and in fact, if you think you have more – think again –often better results can be achieved by reducing segments to a manageable number.  It might be different types of products, different market verticals, different geographic areas, it’s up to you!   Here’s the two main ways to do it.

  1. Easily build your own custom reports in WorkflowMax software by Category (and save the reports for next time).   For each segment of your business, choose detailed information you want to see including who your clients are, the type of jobs, the values and even the overall profit levels an gross profit percentages. You can even set up your own custom data fields and report on those. Result: accurate reporting and better financial information at your fingertips in WorkflowMax.
  2. Integrate your GL codes with Xero.   Being a Xero product means WorkflowMax has a tight integration with Xero including for GL codes.  Cost items as well as task labour can be individually allocated to tracking categories.  You can also map Xero software tracking codes to WorkflowMax Job Categories.  What this means is that you don’t need a screed of codes in your financial accounts to try and separate costs and income for each segment. Result: more accurate reporting – and better financial information at your fingertips in Xero.

Learn more about WorkflowMax visibility tools by taking advantage of our free scoping session.