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Xero for larger business?

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 Xero for larger business?

If your company has a large number of transactions  – you might need to consider if you will outgrow Xero.

Xero is beautiful accounting software for Small Business. There are no defined limits to the number of transactions that can be run through a Xero account and it can and is used successfully by some larger companies.

Invoice Lines

However, be aware that once you are over about 1000-1500 invoice lines a month performance will be increasingly impacted when you run and publish reports. Basically, the more invoice lines that Xero needs to trawl through to produce a report, the longer it will take. Eventually, at around 2500 invoice lines a month you could start getting error messages and won’t be able to produce reports at all without asking Xero Support each time.

Invoice lines is not the same as invoices. An invoice can have just one item on it, or many lines with separate items – that’s what counts.

Reconciling Lines

There is no official limit on the number of lines you can reconcile.  However, it might be worth considering whether it’s a good choice to bring in bank feeds for all your accounts – in particular Stripe and other payment portals which have only recently begun to offer bank feeds.  Sometimes, it can be quicker and wiser to manage information within the original portal, and only bring through a summary transaction weekly or monthly.  This can be the case with Stripe, Shopify, TransferWise, PayPal and similar.

Tracking Categories

One of the quickest ways to crash your Xero is to have too many options for a Tracking Category.  This can happen if you are using Tracking Categories to keep track of Jobs rather than using something like Xero Projects or another Job Management programme. The recommended limit of options for each tracking category is 100.


Here’s a quick beginners reminder of some of the more popular report features.